The Right Side is a best-in-class, multi-disciplined creative studio, providing branding, graphic design and art direction across print, video and web for a diverse range of clients.

Based out of a studio in London, our growing creative team of designers, directors, illustrators, motionographers and web developers have experience of working with some of the most culturally influential people and brands in the world.

We create and implement design driven projects from concept to delivery. Our work reflects our passion for quality design. It’s work that inspires a powerful emotional response, engages real people with brands and creates communication that achieves results.

Tom Welsh

A born leader, Tom has crammed years of directorial experience, digital know-how and people skills into just one body. He holds the company credit card.

Darren Richards

It’s hard to say if Darren’s creative vision comes from his wisdom, experience or height. Perhaps it’s taught on the streets of Essex, or in the grooves of classic disco records. Wherever it came from, The Right Side have it now.

Jordan Atkinson

As meticulous as he is prolific, Jordan is a senior designer, team co-ordinator, club promoter, music aficionado and DJ (available for birthdays, weddings and bar mitzvahs). Jordan knows where everything and everyone is at all times.

Adam Mallett

A creative polymath, Adam is available for designing, video production, DJ-ing, bass playing and spiritual advice.

Adi Kuznicki

Some time ago, Adi’s father left Poland for the UK so his son could wow London with his illustrations and break hearts with his boyish charm. Thankfully for his father, he is doing both.

Matt Glasby

“Who’s that guy?” The team asked when perfectly executed visual treats started arriving with ninja-like stealth from a secret Nottingham location. Matt Glasby was that guy.

Simon Ansell

In the beginning, there was flatness. Then came Simon and the world exploded into 3 dimensions! Introducing our resident CGI and motion graphics expert.

Martin Bisiker

When it comes to creative, Martin is all about the capture of real things. Whether it’s filming, directing, production, or audio, Martin makes videos. End of.

Adam Hallows

Adam Hallows

On occasion, clients ask us for something we’re told are very difficult. Words. Adam Hallows, the man who told us they are, writes them for us.

Unit G1C, The Greenhouse,
8 Mackintosh Lane,
E9 6AB

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The Right Side were approached by educational charity, Legasee to help with their latest Heritage Lottery funded project, Spooks, Spies and Videotape: London’s Secret War.

Spooks, Spies and Videotape is a film project which is using previously unseen video interviews and newly recorded footage to create a unique oral history archive of the men and women who were involved in clandestine work during the Second World War.

The Right Side created the overall branding and graphics package for the project which included all event collateral and lesson plans.  We also designed an App which enables the public to learn the ‘secret war’ history of some of the buildings and streets of our capital city.  The App is a free download for both Android and Apple phones.

“From the word go, The Rightside team took our design brief and frankly amazed us with their creativity. But it’s not style without substance. It draws people into the project and the feedback has been wonderful.”
Martin Bisiker, Founder, Legasee

Legasee are a charity that interviews military veterans so that future generations can learn about our military history, through the people that made it.

Spooks, Spies and Videotape

Online, Branding

Spooks, Spies and Videotape